For more than 20 years, Heritage Ceramics has paved millions of square meters of floors of residences, offices and commercial space with our wide array of tiles worldwide.

Since our inception in 2001, our company has grown to be a major force in the tiling industry, providing great value and style statements for our customers. Having created a reputation as one of the leading tile specialists in the region, we never let our customers down. Whether it is value, quality, service or style, you can be assured that our curated selection - one of the widest in the industry - will satisfy every need and budget.

In order to serve our extensive customer base to the best of our ability, we have set up specialized showrooms in both Singapore and China. Our driving force, however, is always forging relationships. Deep, strong relationships that are based on trust and partnership. Be it our manufacturers, suppliers or clients, we want them to know that to us, it is not only about the tiles.

Our Brands

Unique designs and full body mechanical strength that surpasses the already stringent ISO standards, our Space series creates various ambience in any residential or hospitality settings.

With it’s great versatility and robust characteristics, our Space collection is able to withstand the harshest of any wear and tear.

Trendy, high quality and yet affordable is our Studio collection. It is the perfect series of tiles for any project, be it for residential, commercial, hospitality and even industrial.
Simple, aesthetically appealing designs with a lower mechanical strength is a series we crafted for the budget conscious consumers. Essentially still a porcelain tile, our Shape collection is guaranteed to have dimensional stability, surface quality and tonality.
Our Values

Known for our high quality products and service, we do not compromise what we do for a quick profit. We strive to achieve consistency and excellence at every stage

We put our customers needs and priority first. We are aligned with a single goal of ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Product quality, craftsmanship or customer service, our reliability exceeds expectations. Always at the forefront to adhere to our clients needs or request.

Embedded in our culture is an aspiration to constantly seek innovation in design, material and technology. We strive to be trendsetters in the industry and to our customers.

News & Events

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