Our Projects: Midwood Condo Hillview

The project – Midwood Condo Hillview incorporates green living and empowers residents to create vibrant, healthy spaces. Heritage Ceramics was very excited to work with this project, providing them with tiles for a luxurious and elegant look. The porcelain tiles are perfect for the Singapore climate and with their intricate designs, and adds a touch of luxury to any homes.

A variety of earthy looks of Space Aurora series replicated in exclusive ceramic surfaces have transformed the rooms into an oasis of design and hospitality, where each compositional element expresses the stylistic refinement of the entire building.

Earthy, vigorous and expressive: the Nuage and Studio Ibiza series. They recall the strength and decisive character of the original stones, giving the project an elegant, contemporary design. 

Thanks to the touch of exclusivity that Heritage Ceramics products provide to residential complexes, these spaces have been transformed into luxury residences reserved for those who wants to live in a regal environment with superior technical performance.

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