Anti-Microbial Protection for Tiles

Is there a demand for antimicrobial tiles at the moment? The answer is NO

With the current pandemic, why not? Price is the main factor. Current anti-bacteria tile uses nano silver oxides or titanium oxides mainly manufactured in Europe are priced at€5.00/m2 to €8.00/m2 on top of the existing high prices of the European tiles making them very much unaffordable. This makes it difficult for importers and stockists who want to promote them unless there are projects like hospitals which specify it as a requirement. This therefore make their availability very much unknown or accepted by the general public.


GuardTec antimicrobial protection uses nano zinc oxide, a very much cost-effective component that produces the same anti-microbial properties as compared to Silver or Titanium oxide. GuardTec surfaces on our tiles have been tested and passed by the internationally renowned SGS group of laboratories in Singapore; SGS Testing Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd;to have killed up to 99% of bacteria and microbes under the ISO22196:2011 Test of antimicrobial activity. (Refer to attached catalogue).

In Singapore, we have worked out the additional cost for home owners who use our GuardTec tiles at no more than 3% of the entire tiling contract with the distributor additional profit and no more than 1% for the overall house renovation. Thus, suppliers of our GuardTec tiles not only have a great competitive advantage over their competitors but will reap in additional

New Norm for Post Covid
Covid 19 has changed the world and the lifestyle for most people. Most of us are aware about how cleanliness will affect our health. Hand sanitizers and masks are among the must have when we are out and about. In some countries, wearing of masks have become a norm for most people. This should be rightfully so. Though there seems to be good news in the newspapers that a vaccine is close at hand; no one can predict when the next pandemic will come.The companies who are thriving in this pandemic year are mostly those in the pharmaceutical industries or industries that manufacture or deals in sanitising solutions or cleaning companies. Very soon, we may be seeing all kinds of anti-bacterial products in the market. Consumers will soon experience a behavioural change in buying patterns towards products with anti-bacterial benefits. Thus,we have decided to incorporate this anti-microbial element in our products. Currently, you are able to order our Space, Studio and Shape brands of tiles in its regular form or with GuardTec applied to it.

Please contact our managers in-charge of your account for pricing of Space,Studio and Shape products with GuardTec as well as for marketing plans and collaterals.

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