A Touch of Simplicity and Style

Find inspiration to revamp your bathroom designs with our versatile and unique designs today. Our tile surfaces also comes with different textures, sizes which adds character to your space.

Space – Aurora Ash


Celebrating the subtlety of natural stone veins design. It is characteristically defined by near-diagonal streaks of soft vein lines brushing in one direction set against neutral yet beguile colours which perfectly encapsulate the modern contemporary interior style.


Space – Everest White


Created to look like Basaltina stone, Space Everest Series is consistent and uniform in both colour and tone. Its delicate veins and pastel colours gives a well balance, uniform and stable look. Available in Matte, Lappato and Antislip, this surface creates a luxurious space, ideal for bathroom floors and walls.


Studio – Carnico Grigio 


Precious natural stone with resistance of low temperatures making it perfect for bathroom walls and floors. The finish that best expresses the Carnico’s Series’ beauty is the polished finish that makes the stone the main character of any design.

Studio – Solid White



Fresh choice for that clean sophisticated look that is seamless and desirable. Its neutral appearance matches all colour scheme and helps to enhance the character of the design of your bathroom.


Shape – Blend Ivory

A reconstruction of the looks of concrete when the old manual ways builders mixed their cement and stones. The rugged character gives the unique feel of an old disused factory. Blend Ivory is the perfect flooring solution for your bathroom interior, giving off a simple yet charming look.


Shape – Moonstone Carbon


Bringing the grace of nature into your home with Moonstone Carbon series. Fossiliferous Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed over millions of years by sand, shell and mud deposit at the bottom of lake and oceans. Shape Moonstone series was created to emulate the undeniable beauty of this stone.



All the series above can be available with GuardTec, a specially formulated antimicrobial protection for tiles. GuardTec has been tested to kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria by the internationally recognised SGS Testing and Certification body.
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