Cliffstone Series 2

Studio Cliffstone Series is use in the Amigo Terrace Hotel

Iloilo – a city located at the centre of the Philippines archipelago, big enough to offer a scaled down version of the urban comforts of Manila and yet boasting of the unique European and American inspired old buildings. In the middle of the bustling city is a new hotel, the Amigo Terrace Hotel.
We are proud to have supplied our Studio Cliffstone series for this project through our partners in Philippines, Cebu Overseas Hardware.

Cliffstone Series

An all-time bestseller. Cliffstone emulates the design and texture of river stones that is worn down by constant moving waters. The soft colours and smooth overtone impart a sense of timeless nature.
Available in 5 colours and 3 sizes with slip resistance rating of R10 or R11.