Hotel Luxury Look: Cliffstone Porcelain Tile

Heritage Ceramics Studio Cliffstone Series Philippines Amigo Terrace Hotel

Studio Cliffstone Series is applied in the Amigo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo, Philippines, through our partner Cebu Overseas Hardware. 

Iloilo is situated at the center of the Philippines archipelago. It offers a scaled-down version of Manila’s urban comforts while boasting unique European and American-inspired old buildings. Notably, in the midst of this bustling city stands the Amigo Terrace Hotel, a new establishment.

Heritage Ceramics Studio Cliffstone Porcelain Tile


Cliffstone Series

Notably, Cliffstone is an all-time bestseller, which emulates the design and texture of river stones that is worn down by constant moving waters. Consequently, the soft colours and smooth overtone impart a sense of timeless nature.

  • Colours: A rich tapestry unfolds with Studio Cliffstone’s palette of 6 enchanting colours – Ice, Sand, Moka, Perla, Grigio, and Carbon. Each hue a brushstroke in the canvas of your design dreams.


  • Finishes & Faces: Moreover, Studio Cliffstone offers a tactile journey with 3 finishes – Matt R10, Lappato, and Antislip R11.  Cliffstone reveals intricate stone effects across 9 distinct faces that seamlessly harmonise with the spaces they inhabit.


  • Formats: Importantly, this collection’s versatility extends further with 3 formats – 60x60cm, 60x30cm, and 30x30cm. It provides a canvas for your creative vision.


  • Water Absorption Rate: Additionally, with a low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, Studio Cliffstone becomes not just a design choice but also a reliable partner in diverse projects. It marries aesthetic finesse with robust functionality.

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