Is your floor really clean and free of bacteria? It may look clean but do you know there are microbes and harmful bacteria lurk around. GuardTec, our specially formulated antimicrobial protection for tiles, tested to kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria by the internationally recognised SGS Testing and Certification body. GuardTec is perfect for homes with young kids, elderly and even pets. As it is an antimicrobial solution, it can kill bacteria, fungi, algae and certain micro animals like house dust mites.

Our Nano Zinc Oxide Technology

GuardTec uses nano-zinc oxide as the active agent. GuardTec is embedded and fired into the tile’s glaze, thus rendering antimicrobial properties, killing bacteria 24/7.

Benefits & Certification


It will last as long as the glaze of the tiles is not worn out.

No, as long as you use those that are recommended for ceramic tile floorings.

The tiles are tested by the internationally renowned independent laboratory – SGS Group. In Singapore the local subsidiary is SGS Testing Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Unlike other antibacterial solutions that are photocatalytic, nano zinc oxide is different. It has strong chemical activity in the absence of light or natural light, and can react with most organic substances (including bacteria), thereby killing most bacteria and microbes.

Compared to other antimicrobial solutions for tiles that use nano silver oxide and nano titanium oxide, tiles with GuardTec are much cheaper.

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