Due to the global travel halt caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Heritage Ceramics’ traditional sales procedure was disrupted, as purchasers used to travel to our showroom in Fo Shan, China, to view their collection.

Thus, we decided to emback on a digital transformation journey in 2020 to address this issue and enable continuous engagement with customers around the world by creating a virtual front that allows customers to browse their showroom, see tile details in high resolution, create 3D rooms with our tiles, and have full access to our tile catalogue.

In order to serve our extension customer base to the best of our ability,

we have set up specialised showrooms in both Singapore and China.

Virtual Showroom

Our Virtual Showroom takes you through our extensive range of tile collections and designs. It also allows you to get inspiration for your interior design project with our wide range of showroom mock-ups for residential, commercial or institutions.

3D EasyTiler

You can utilise our 3D EasyTiler to create and visualize how your room will potentially look with our Space, Studio and Shape tiles.

On our website, we have a detailed step-by step guide to make the enture process a much more user-friendly and convenient one. You can also utilise the public projects and start placing our tiles onto the floors or walls.

Existing customers and partners have reacted well to the new virtual frontage, which was unveiled in 2021. Heritage is now trying to broaden its reach to include new international consumers.

Explore our new and latest virtual front now to bring your design ideas and imaginations to life!

If you have any questions about us, our products, or new projects that you think we can support, do contact, or reach out to our support team at