How A Sustainable Tile Manufacturer Prioritise Community & People

Heritage Ceramics Commitment To CSR and Employee Wellbeing

Heritage Ceramics’ commitment to community and people is a key goal this year. We believe that contributing to society, even with our busy schedules, is equally important. Additionally, prioritising our people will create a better work environment and contribute to the overall company’s success.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Better Communities Together

This year, Heritage Ceramics is more engaged in community activities than ever before. Alongside our regular donations, we recently organized a park clean-up event. While we have always emphasized sustainability in our products, we wanted to take more direct action. This event united our team to create a cleaner, greener space for everyone. This is just the start of our commitment to positively impact the community. We have a series of upcoming initiatives planned and look forward to sharing them with you soon.


Employee Well-Being: Balanced. Support. Succeed. 

Enhancing employee well-being has always been a priority for us, and it will remain so. We make it a point to listen to our employees’ feedback and consistently strive to meet their needs and goals. This year, we’ve introduced a new initiative called Family Day. On the last Friday of every month, employees are allowed to leave work an hour early to spend more time with their families. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting our employees’ work-life balance. 


Continue to watch us grow, not only through our innovations but also as a unified and socially responsible company.


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