How working with a Green Label Certified Supplier can benefit you

Singapore Environmental Council – Green Label Certification

While the demand for environmentally sustainable products has only grown exponentially in recent years, the need for sustainable solutions is a timeless problem.

Recognising the need for reform early on, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) took the first step to bring the green movement to Singapore in 1992.

When reviewing any product, they worked together with the National Environmental Agency (NEA) to develop a real green certification method that adhered to the highest international standards – ISO14024.

Administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) since 1999, the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) is Singapore’s leading environmental standard and certification mark with over 3800 unique products certified across 43 countries. The scheme aims to help the public identify environmentally preferred products that meet certain eco-standards

As a customer first organisation, Heritage Ceramics is proud to annouce that we have been awarded the Green Label Certification. And with this, it gives our valued customers and partners the quality assurance that meets eco-standards.

Combating environmental degradation requires a united effort between governmental legislation, industry makers and consumers.

Whilst there may not have legislative requirement for tiles to be green labelled in many countries, we pride ourselves to be an environmentally responsible company.

We produce sustainable products with minimum enviromental impact by reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency.

Our products use toxic-free ingredients and environmentally-friendly procedures and are certified by the Singapore Environmental Council as green products.

Choose us, a sustainable supplier, for your future projects!

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