Space Cairo Series

Space Cairo series – a mixture of limestone and volcanic rock. With a water absorption of 0.14%Space Cairo boast of superb mechanical properties. It has a breaking strength of above 2600N and a modulus of rupture above 50 N/mm2 that surpasses the requirement in ISO13006 B1A standard. This makes the tile usable in almost any location may it be residential, commercial or industrial.

With subtle patterns and a gorgeous range of cool and warm tone, it is a perfect choice for any indoorand outdoor application. Space Cairo comes in 2 finishes, a R10 matt surface and lappato finish. 5colours namely ICE, SAND, MOKA, GRIGIO and CARBON. It comes in 3 standard format – 30 x30, 30 x60 and 60 x 60. 60 x 120 is available on special production basis.

Space Cairo series – a classic yet modern appearance that adds a timeless beauty to any décor.