Elegance of the Porphyry Stone: Space Sahara, an Outstanding Tile Collection.

Space Sahara Series Porphyry Stone Heritage Ceramics

Heritage Ceramics’ Space Sahara Series is developed to recreate the natural allure of Porphyry stone. Porphyry has been unearthed at significant relics and monuments such as Assyrian-Babylonian, Egyptian, and Roman sites since the ancient times. Porphyry, an igneous rock akin in composition to granite, boasts large, light-colored crystals of quartz or feldspar suspended within a red or purple fine-grained matrix of smaller crystals.  

With its enhanced beauty and durability compared to Porphyry, the Space Sahara Series is meticulously designed to accommodate a wide array of outdoor project applications. Part of our premium series, Space Sahara boasts full mechanical strength that surpass the already stringent ISO standards.  

What sets the Space Sahara Series apart from others?

Space Sahara Fog Heritage Ceramics Porphyry Stone

Space Sahara Fog

  1. Full Body

Space Sahara boasts a full-body design, ensuring the color and pattern flow consistently throughout, delivering a sleek and flawless aesthetic to your space. Renowned for its durability, low porosity, and resistance to stains and scratches, it is perfect for high traffic areas or outdoor applications, elevating any space with enduring elegance. 

Space Sahara Ash Heritage Ceramics Porphyry Stone

Space Sahara Ash

  1. Rectified Porcelain Tile 

Space Sahara tiles feature rectified glazed porcelain, a method enabling closer placement and reducing the necessity for extensive grout lines. The outcome is a flawless, nearly seamless surface that not only elevates aesthetics but also ensures lasting durability and effortless maintenance. 

Space Sahara Red Heritage Ceramics Porphyry Stone

Space Sahara Red

  1. 4 Dazzling Colors

The Sahara series offers the beauty of porphyry stone in four captivating hues – Ash, Fog, Red, and Ebony.  Ash for tranquility, Ebony for luxury, Fog for serenity, and Red for vibrancy, enhancing any space with elegance and style. 

  1. Thicknesses, Sizes and Finishes

Designed as a paving material, Sahara is offered in 20mm thickness which is suitable for outdoor or heavy traffic areas. Tailored to diverse project needs, Space Sahara offers versatility through 3 size options: 60×60 cm, 30×60 cm, and 30×30 cm, each contributing to distinct atmospheres. The series comes in AntiSlip R11 which meets the requirements for external applications. 

Space Sahara Ebony Heritage Ceramics Porphyry Stone

Space Sahara Ebony

    5. Technical Specifications

Water Absorption: Space Sahara boasts a minimal water absorption rate of under 0.5%, enhancing its adaptability to various requirements. 

Variation and Faces: Featuring a V2 Slight Appearance and 9 distinctive faces, Space Sahara faithfully reproduces the allure of Porphyry. 

Green Label Certificate: Sustainability lies at the heart of our operations. Space Sahara is manufactured using sustainable materials and methods, reinforced by our Green Label Certificate. 


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