Value For Money Products by Heritage Ceramics

Through the 20 years at Heritage Ceramics, we have come up with 4 different brands –

Space, Studio, Shape and Guardtec for our valued customers. 

Space – Our Premium Series

In this series, we provide unique designs and full body mechanical strength that surpasses the already stringent ISO standards. Our Space series creates various ambience in any residential, industrial or hospitality settings.

With its great versatility and robust characteristics, our Space collection is able to withstand the harshest of any wear and tear.

Studio – Our Project Series

Trendy, high quality and yet affordable is our Studio collection. It is the perfect series of tiles for any project, be it for residential, commercial, hospitality and even industrial.

Shape – Our Economy Series

Simple, aesthetically appealing designs with a lower mechanical strength, Shape is a series we crafted for the budget conscious consumers. Essentially still a porcelain tile, our Shape collection is guaranteed to have dimensional stability, surface quality and tonality.

GuardTec – Our Antibacterial Technology

Introducing GuardTec, the latest antimicrobial protection for surfaces, keeping living spaces around us safe and protected. We are able to incorporate any design from our current series in Space, Studio and Shape with GuardTec Antimicrobial protection.


No matter how you place the pieces of tiles together, all variations of the designs will flow seamlessly.

We have everything you will ever want and need!
If you have any questions about us, our products, or new projects that you think we can support, do contact, or reach out to our support team at