2023: A Year of Gratitude and Ceramic Excellence

As we embrace the end of a remarkable year, Heritage Ceramics extends its deepest gratitude to our incredible community for the unwavering support and enthusiasm that has defined our journey. Join us in reflecting on the key events that have shaped Heritage Ceramics into a beacon of innovation and community spirit in 2023.

1. New Series Launch: Space – Bari, Studio – Ikon, Carnico, Gems, Nordic, Shine

The year began with the unveiling of our latest series, each a testament to Heritage Ceramics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of ceramic design. Bari, Ikon, Carnico, Gems, Nordic, and Shine represent not just collections but a fusion of artistry and functionality.

2. Community Engagement Programs: One Million Trees and Touch Community Services

Heritage Ceramics took a bold step towards making a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Our “One Million Trees” initiative aimed at environmental sustainability, while the collaboration with Touch Community Services underscored our commitment to giving back to society.

3. Tiles on Offer: Unlocking the Beauty at Unbelievable Prices

The genesis of Tiles on Offer lies in our proactive response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. We gathered excess productions from projects for clearance, and we have opened the door to tiles that are typically discontinued for sale. This initiative not only presents an opportunity for you to adorn your spaces with premium tiles but also contributes to sustainable practices by repurposing excess materials. Explore more here.

4.The Splendor of Slabs: Elevate Your Space with Timeless Beauty

At Heritage Ceramics, we understand that spaces are not just adorned but curated. Our Slab Collections redefine the concept of large-format ceramic surfaces, offering not just slabs but canvases for your imagination.

All our slabs come in the generous size of 3200x1600mm, allowing for seamless installations and minimizing the need for visible joints. This is not just a practical advantage; it is a design statement. We believe that beauty should be uninterrupted, and our slabs are a testament to this philosophy.

Our commitment to quality is manifested in the diverse range of Slab Collections. From the subtle elegance of Argento to the intricate patterns of Ruscello, the timeless charm of Manhattan White, the bold allure of Grey Emperador, to the classic appeal of Romano Travertine—each slab is a masterpiece waiting to transform your space.

Explore more here.

5. Exhibition Participation: CERAMBATH

Heritage Ceramics proudly participated in the internationally acclaimed CERAMBATH exhibition. Our showcase at this prestigious event not only highlighted our latest innovations but also strengthened our connections with key industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, our noteworthy participation earned us a prominent feature on the social pages of China Ceramics City! Dive into the highlights of our exhibition by exploring it here.


As we express our gratitude for your support, 2023 has been a year where Heritage Ceramics has flourished in creativity, community engagement, and noteworthy recognition in the tile industry. The launch of new series, impactful community programs, exclusive collections, and global exhibition participation all contribute to a tapestry of success and innovation. We look forward to creating more ceramic masterpieces and sharing these moments with you in the coming year.