Capella Maldives Resort: Lavastone Series

Istria stone or Pietra D’istria, a beautiful and sturdy limestone stone found in Croatia.
In the 1400s, these stones were shipped to Venice and were extensively use by builders. It soon became known as Venetian limestone.
Lavastone series is a re-creation of this stone. The elegance in this reconstructed stone makes any environment comfortable thanks to the warm and decisive tones.

Capella Maldives Resort
45 minutes by speedboat from the capital city of Male, Maldives; a brand-new tourism cityof Rah Falhu has emerged from the sea. Capella Hotel Group has opened their latestCapella Maldives Resort. The 57 spacious villas and mansions offers panoramic views ofendless blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The sound of lapping waters from inside thesuite gives guests the most soothing and relaxing ambience for a perfect holiday.
We are proud to have supplied our Studio Lava Stone series for this prestigious projectthrough our partners Gallery T Pte. Ltd.